Jailbreak for iPad 3 – Waiting to be Released

iPad 3 released on 15th March for sale but according to sources it’s been already Jailbroken, Dev-Team one of the active group who work in exploiting and jailbreaking the iOS based devices have reported same day that they were successful to JailBreak this device using an old method which they used to Jailbreak iPad 2.

The posted a blog with proof of jailbroken device and screenshot of root access to iPad 3. According to them there is a lot of difference in Kernel architecture of new devices compared to its predecessor. But they managed to use same Corona method to jailbreak iPad 3rd generation devices.

They have not released the jailbreak software for public, may be because of difference in architecture, but they confirmed that it will be released soon. Sooner or later we will have a jailbroken iPad 3. I can;t wait to run my favorite applications on new iPad 3 which are otherwise not available through iTunes.

Let’s wait for few more days and we will have same enjoyment as before.

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