Best iPad Apps for Kids

Choosing Best iPad apps for kids needs to be done keeping in mind the age of your child. The app store usually has apps for four year olds and older but there are apps for toddlers as well. Children these days adapt to the iPad in a few seconds it’s like a natural instinct.

iPad 3 have a lot of information and videos or games that are not appropriate for children in which case parental guidance is necessary. There could be times when children make app store purchases while exploring the device and this could lead to huge financial responsibility. The below apps are perfect for children of different age groups beginning with toddlers.

Ace Writer for iPad 3

Ace Writer for iPad 3

Ace Writer – Alphabet series is an excellent app for your little one to learn to write. All the child needs to do is copy the alphabet demonstrated on the iPad with its finger, though it is not the same as writing with a pen or pencil it sure helps the child get interested in writing. Upper and Lower cases are supported by a program.

The child hears the sound of the letter and also sees a relevant word with the image that makes the sound of the word. For Example: For the letter “C” an image of a cow appears followed by the sound the animal makes. Ace writer is the Best iPad apps for kids to learn with, its bright colors and sounds are interesting that attracts the kids’ attention.

Sound Touch is one of the favorites among toddlers with its bright colors and sounds. This app has several pictures of animals both domestic and wild, musical instruments and household things. The image responds to touch, for example when you touch an animal it enlarges to fit the whole screen and makes the relevant sound or when a musical instrument is touched it will play the tune.

Sound Touch for iPad

Sound Touch for iPad

This is something that will keep your toddler engaged for long hours but could be dangerous in their hands if they get too excited and throw the iPad across the room. It could get messy as well so it’s best for the parent to supervise.

Kids Art are the Best iPad apps for kids as it does not have any advanced features. This makes it just right for children want to just paint without much thought on working the apps. Kid’s art is the most popular for its bright colors and pre imaging in the background that kids can trace and fill in with colors. It also has cartoon characters and animation that can be added to the scene which overwhelms kids.

Kids Art for iPad

Kids Art for iPad 2

Lego Reactionary is a game where you role a dice to choose your category for the Lego to start forming and you need to guess from the four examples which one it’s going to be, within a set timeframe. There are a number of such educational and entertaining Best iPad apps for kids that you can buy from the app store. These are simple and do not cost a lot. It keeps your children occupied with both fun and learning at the same time.

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