HP Mini 5102 – Smart Choice of Netbook

HP Mini 5102 is the smartest choice for students and business men. HP Mini 5102 has similarities among other netbook models using Intel Atom processor. However, this netbook model boost its difference among other tiny computers, it has a touchscreen display.

Moreover, it is sturdier and secure compared to conventional netbook and never requires you to look for an electrical outlet throughout the day while you are at school or at work. Like the previous models, this device has an all-metal casing with comfortable keyboard but HP Mini 5102 has new color schemes, facial recognition and the multi-touch display.


The finest addition to this model is its usage of Intel Atom N450 processor, which allows HP Mini 5102 to last over 10 charging hours. Obviously, you may have to pay a little more for its sturdy design but it is worth the pay. To give you a wide spec of information about this sturdy netbook, check out HP Mini 5102 specs, advantages and disadvantages.

HP Mini 5102 uses Windows 7 Started edition for its operating system, in addition to its 1.66 GHZ Intel Atom N450 processor. The N450 processor is the major addition of HP Mini that allows this tiny computer to radically increase its battery life from other portable devices.


With its Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 graphic card, it allows you to enjoy less-demanding 3D games. The hard drive size is 160GB while hard drive speed is 200rpm. Unlike other models, its touchscreen capabilities entail easier navigation on its 10.1-inch screen with 1024×600 display resolution. The touchscreen feature lets you sort out through applications and menus with your fingers.

However, similar to other netbook models, it still has included touchpad. HP Mini 5102 is lightweight weighing 2.64 pounds making it easier to put in your backpack without putting extra weight thus carrying it around with ease. The main advantage of HP Mini 5102 is its amazing six-cell battery that last over 10 hours, meaning you have more time enjoying this tiny computer.

Another remarkable advantage of this device is the spill-resistant keyboard which is even considered as the finest chicklet keyboard a netbook had. HP Mini’s unique keyboard helps in protecting the keys from small spills which can damage this electronic device. Moreover, it has a speedy boot time and hard drive. It also has high-quality speaker and convenient security software.

The only cited drawback of this computing device is its noisy fan and its tag price, provided all its unique features and better performance.

With its long battery runtime and a secure, durable design, HP Mini 5102 is a price to pay. Despite its similarities among other netbook models, its unique touchscreen and keyboard spill-resistant feature surely makes this HP Mini 5102 standout among its contemporaries.

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