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Tips to select the Best Laptop from a Bulk of different Brands

In this technological world owning a laptop is that predominant like having a smartphone. We usually claim that smartphone plays an important role in each person’s life and it is true. But there are some tasks which cannot be done by a smartphone. To complete those tasks we need a computer or a laptop.

In this running life, most of the people do not prefer to have a personal computer as they are not portable from one place to another. We all are familiar with the disadvantages of having a personal computer and also known about the advantages of having a laptop. There are various benefits of having a laptop among which one of the basic factors which tends everyone to purchase a laptop is nothing but it is less weighted and easy to carry. Other than this there are numerous factors which you need to notice while purchasing the best laptop for you.

There are various technique features and brands of the laptop being present in the market from which you need to select the right one. In this article, you will be guided to select the best laptop brand which provides you the right features and best performance that is essentially needed for a laptop.

Before planning to purchase a laptop it is foremost important that you collect some knowledge regarding laptops and its various technical qualities. If you don’t do that then the seller may provide you a laptop which may not contain the features and techniques you are searching for. In simple words, you may be cheated. So this article will prevent you from getting cheated.

What you exactly need

As mentioned earlier, it is very necessary to determine the need of having a laptop for you. A laptop is used not only for its factors like less weight and portability but also for various other factors. For instance, if you are an editor or a person who uses new software then you may be aware that there is software which cannot be used or installed in your normal android devices like smartphones due to its updated version and memory limitation. For such purposes, you need a laptop. Similarly, there are various other factors due to which a person uses a lappy. So you need to ensure your needs and then look out for best laptop brand which assures that features.

Utility of the laptop

While purchasing a laptop you should also be aware of the usage of it. If you need a lappy just for a light use i.e, for web surfing, saving your photos and other files, connect to social media and for using your email, online payments, etc. then it is preferable to buy a laptop which is an older version and are quite cheap as it is worthless to invest more money for just basic uses. Now if you need a lappy for high usages like multitasking with various programs and tabs, downloading huge files and editing software, video production, advanced graphics and photo editors, etc. then it is recommended to use a best laptop brand that provides the facility of higher resolution screen, faster processor, larger hard drive, best memory system, etc.

Operating system

The major factor which you need to ensure while purchasing a laptop is nothing but its operating system. The operating system of every accessory is considered as the heart of them and without it you cannot use or enjoy the features present in the technology. The operating system of a laptop helps you to manage all software and hardware present in the system which includes the files, apps, etc. It helps you to access your laptop easily. If a laptop does not contain an operating system then you may have to type a load of computer codes to access and to get anything done which would have made your task more complicated. There are different operating systems and its versions which assist you to operate. For example, OSX, Windows, Chrome OS, etc.


If the operating system of a laptop is its heart then the processor is considered as the brain of the laptop. While purchasing a smartphone, we have usually seen people asking about the processor. If the processor plays a major role for just a smartphone then you can imagine the importance of it in a laptop. The power of the processor decides the convolution of software you can run and it also determines that how many programs you can open and use during a same period of time.


Most of us are familiar with the word RAM. It means Random-access memory. It is very important to check out the RAM provided by the laptop. It helps your processor to manage and allow multiple tasks at a point of time. If you are buying a laptop for high works like video editing, graphics, etc. then it is recommended to have a lappy which provides you with minimum 6GB. A minimum of 2gb RAM is required for the basic computing. If in case you feel like to increase the memory later then select a model which will help you to expand the RAM.…

HP Mini 5102 – Smart Choice of Netbook

HP Mini 5102 is the smartest choice for students and business men. HP Mini 5102 has similarities among other netbook models using Intel Atom processor. However, this netbook model boost its difference among other tiny computers, it has a touchscreen display.

Moreover, it is sturdier and secure compared to conventional netbook and never requires you to look for an electrical outlet throughout the day while you are at school or at work. Like the previous models, this device has an all-metal casing with comfortable keyboard but HP Mini 5102 has new color schemes, facial recognition and the multi-touch display.


The finest addition to this model is its usage of Intel Atom N450 processor, which allows HP Mini 5102 to last over 10 charging hours. Obviously, you may have to pay a little more for its sturdy design but it is worth the pay. To give you a wide spec of information about this sturdy netbook, check out HP Mini 5102 specs, advantages and disadvantages.

HP Mini 5102 uses Windows 7 Started edition for its operating system, in addition to its 1.66 GHZ Intel Atom N450 processor. The N450 processor is the major addition of HP Mini that allows this tiny computer to radically increase its battery life from other portable devices.


With its Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 graphic card, it allows you to enjoy less-demanding 3D games. The hard drive size is 160GB while hard drive speed is 200rpm. Unlike other models, its touchscreen capabilities entail easier navigation on its 10.1-inch screen with 1024×600 display resolution. The touchscreen feature lets you sort out through applications and menus with your fingers.

However, similar to other netbook models, it still has included touchpad. HP Mini 5102 is lightweight weighing 2.64 pounds making it easier to put in your backpack without putting extra weight thus carrying it around with ease. The main advantage of HP Mini 5102 is its amazing six-cell battery that last over 10 hours, meaning you have more time enjoying this tiny computer.

Another remarkable advantage of this device is the spill-resistant keyboard which is even considered as the finest chicklet keyboard a netbook had. HP Mini’s unique keyboard helps in protecting the keys from small spills which can damage this electronic device. Moreover, it has a speedy boot time and hard drive. It also has high-quality speaker and convenient security software.

The only cited drawback of this computing device is its noisy fan and its tag price, provided all its unique features and better performance.

With its long battery runtime and a secure, durable design, HP Mini 5102 is a price to pay. Despite its similarities among other netbook models, its unique touchscreen and keyboard spill-resistant feature surely makes this HP Mini 5102 standout among its contemporaries.…

Create Your Own Mobile DJ Booth With DJ App For iPad

DJs are more interested in creating the best music and they have taken advantage of the current digital environment. From the vinyl period to the digital period, DJs are always concerned about quality of music and convenience offered by their DJ equipment. DJ app for iPad has been developed to bring out digital DJ rigs that are not expensive and messy.

Many people prefer to do digital turntables during their parties even though they are not professional DJs. Now, you can get a professional DJ in your parties when you own an iPad because DJ apps for iPad are designed for people who want professional DJ equipment at an affordable price. Modern day DJs are found to use digital equipment and laptops and you don’t need to have those expensive equipments to DJ for fun. Even professional DJs have given up their regular vinyl turntables to use iPad and DJ apps in their clubs.

Mixr DJ for iPad

Mixr DJ for iPad

Mixr DJ is the most popular DJ app that is used by iPad users. You will feel like you are actually using when you start using this app. This app includes professional features so that iPads can be used in professional DJ clubs.

Right from iPhone, the demand for DJ apps is high and Flare is one of the first DJ apps to hit the market. This app has been updated to be used in iPad too. With limited hardware and features of iPhone, Flare introduced a single turntable. However, with iPad, you can expect two turntables and if you are a beginner DJ just trying to get to know more about DJing, you will love this app.

Flare - DJ App for iPad

Flare – DJ App for iPad

For those who don’t like gimmicks and just want the job to be done, Groovemaker House should be the DJ app for iPad. This app doesn’t feature intuitive interface like the previously mentioned ones and it doesn’t provide turntable looks, but you will be able to perform professional DJ using this app. It may require some time to get used to the interface, but if you are serious about DJing, you won’t argue about this app.

Groovemaker House - DJ App for iPad 2

Groovemaker House – DJ App for iPad 2

When you search for DJ app for iPad, you will be facing at least tens of choices. As you know iPad apps are not cheap, it is important to understand the app that works best for you. You won’t go wrong with the apps that are used by professional DJs and other music fanatics.

There are some DJ apps that win hands down when it comes to creating digital turntable experience. DJ apps with more advanced features cost more, but if you like DJing, you should experiment with these apps for a while so that you can hit a DJ club with your own music with enough DJ experience.…

Best iPad Apps for Kids

Choosing Best iPad apps for kids needs to be done keeping in mind the age of your child. The app store usually has apps for four year olds and older but there are apps for toddlers as well. Children these days adapt to the iPad in a few seconds it’s like a natural instinct.

iPad 3 have a lot of information and videos or games that are not appropriate for children in which case parental guidance is necessary. There could be times when children make app store purchases while exploring the device and this could lead to huge financial responsibility. The below apps are perfect for children of different age groups beginning with toddlers.

Ace Writer for iPad 3

Ace Writer for iPad 3

Ace Writer – Alphabet series is an excellent app for your little one to learn to write. All the child needs to do is copy the alphabet demonstrated on the iPad with its finger, though it is not the same as writing with a pen or pencil it sure helps the child get interested in writing. Upper and Lower cases are supported by a program.

The child hears the sound of the letter and also sees a relevant word with the image that makes the sound of the word. For Example: For the letter “C” an image of a cow appears followed by the sound the animal makes. Ace writer is the Best iPad apps for kids to learn with, its bright colors and sounds are interesting that attracts the kids’ attention.

Sound Touch is one of the favorites among toddlers with its bright colors and sounds. This app has several pictures of animals both domestic and wild, musical instruments and household things. The image responds to touch, for example when you touch an animal it enlarges to fit the whole screen and makes the relevant sound or when a musical instrument is touched it will play the tune.

Sound Touch for iPad

Sound Touch for iPad

This is something that will keep your toddler engaged for long hours but could be dangerous in their hands if they get too excited and throw the iPad across the room. It could get messy as well so it’s best for the parent to supervise.

Kids Art are the Best iPad apps for kids as it does not have any advanced features. This makes it just right for children want to just paint without much thought on working the apps. Kid’s art is the most popular for its bright colors and pre imaging in the background that kids can trace and fill in with colors. It also has cartoon characters and animation that can be added to the scene which overwhelms kids.

Kids Art for iPad

Kids Art for iPad 2

Lego Reactionary is a game where you role a dice to choose your category for the Lego to start forming and you need to guess from the four examples which one it’s going to be, within a set timeframe. There are a number of such educational and entertaining Best iPad apps for kids that you can buy from the app store. These are simple and do not cost a lot. It keeps your children occupied with both fun and learning at the same time.…

Lite-Brite for the iPhone

A number of toys have made the transition to video games over the last decade or so, such as Nerf, Leggo, and Mattel. Now, Electronic Arts has adapted Lite-Brite, Hasbro’s toy that was popular in the 1990s, for the iPhone. Nostalgia aside, there’s just no reason for some toys to be turned into video games.

On the positive side, the iPhone app is far quicker to complete.



Lite-Brite, for the uninitiated, consists of a square-shaped board with little round light sockets. It comes with LED lights of different colors, that you can use to make glowing patterns of light on the board. Of course, if you ever actually played with it, you probably got bored halfway trying to make the clown pattern, picked up another toy, and left the Lite-Brite gathering dust on a shelf, where it possibly sits to this day.

EA’s version of Lite-Brite makes your iPhone an electronic board. You can use your finger to make patterns out of LED lights that are digitally rendered. As well as the regular board, you also have the option of painting by numbers, as well as adding animation. For painting by numbers, you have to use LED lights that are pre-designated, to fill in images that are already drawn on the board. In animation mode, you can make animations from the drawings you’ve made with the LED lights – which, incidentally, is the only part that offers any actual entertainment.

To create animations, you make copies of the board, make slight adjustments to the copies by adding or removing lights, then put all the copies together as a film strip that plays the cartoon you’ve made. The ultimate achievement would obviously be to make an animated LED monster that will rampage around and destroy the screen of your iPhone. Well, it’s obvious to me, at any rate.

Lite-Brite for iPhone

Lite-Brite for iPhone

At the end of the day, Lite-Brite for the iPhone isn’t really a game at all; it’s just a drawing app – and a very limited one, at that. The colors you can choose from are limited, you don’t have the ability to draw straight lines, and you’re drawing on a boring, black background. Instead of taking the opportunity to take the Lite-Brite brand in new directions, they just attempted to replicate a rather dated toy.

The fun of the original Lite-Brite was in the vibrant, bright electronic drawings. That just can’t be replicated on an iPhone Screen, and the app comes across as just a cheap copy of the original.…

Jailbreak for iPad 3 – Waiting to be Released

iPad 3 released on 15th March for sale but according to sources it’s been already Jailbroken, Dev-Team one of the active group who work in exploiting and jailbreaking the iOS based devices have reported same day that they were successful to JailBreak this device using an old method which they used to Jailbreak iPad 2.

The posted a blog with proof of jailbroken device and screenshot of root access to iPad 3. According to them there is a lot of difference in Kernel architecture of new devices compared to its predecessor. But they managed to use same Corona method to jailbreak iPad 3rd generation devices.

They have not released the jailbreak software for public, may be because of difference in architecture, but they confirmed that it will be released soon. Sooner or later we will have a jailbroken iPad 3. I can;t wait to run my favorite applications on new iPad 3 which are otherwise not available through iTunes.

Let’s wait for few more days and we will have same enjoyment as before.…