The office of the Texas Sheriff of Greg County is locked out of its Facebook page

Gregg County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Have a new facebook pageNo, the law enforcement agency is not late on social media—it is locked out of its original Facebook page, which is also linked to Crime Stoppers, where it received important tips to solve the crime.

This raises a serious problem in other respects, because most of the information sharing in the sheriff’s office is done through pages. In addition, the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office has reduced from approximately 18,000 likes and over 20,000 followers to zero! This new page was created on September 8th and has approximately 192 likes and 203 followers.

“We have a lot of fans on the Facebook page of the Greg County Sheriff’s Office. This is very important to the Sheriff’s Office because it’s an outlet for the community,” Last week, Lieutenant Josh Tubb told

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Due to a not uncommon problem, the department has been cancelled. The page was originally set up with a fictitious name, which allowed CID to use it. Because the person who set the page does not exist, the department has no way to re-enter.

Every effort of the sheriff’s office has failed, and a new page must be created.

“We have contacted Facebook, but we have been unable to connect to anyone’s phone. An email was sent. Their response was,’It must be someone on Facebook,'” Tubb added.

Although a new page has been created, it may take some time for the public to know that the department basically no longer visits the original page.

“The situation in Greg County illustrates several issues,” explained Charles King, a technology industry analyst at Pund-IT. “First, it highlights the dark side of the benefits that social companies like to emphasize, including simple registration, ease of use, wide access, etc. These qualities encourage people and organizations to not read the EULA (End User License) carefully. Participate in the agreement) or consider the long-term consequences. Potential problems and serious difficulties are usually exposed after people run away, just like the Sheriff’s Office in Greg County, who finds themselves in a ditch that cannot be dragged away. Bottom line – I It is expected that thousands of organizations in similar situations are still installing all four wheels on the sidewalk. For now.”

However, there is another fact that Facebook cannot solve this problem.

Jin said this is part of the generally poor and inattentive service that social companies usually provide to their customers.

“In order to keep management costs low, many or most of these processes are automated or managed by relatively small, overworked teams,” he added. “I say’typical’ because when the problematic issue is publicly or widely discussed, the company usually jumps out to do the right thing. This kind of passive service does not meet the best practices in anyone’s book, but it gets stuck Of customers are usually for whatever help they can get.”

This should be seen as a warning to any business, organization or entity that maintains a Facebook page. The page should not be dependent on a user, and of course it is not fictitious.

Roger Entner, social media expert and technical analyst at Recon Analytics, said: “The lesson here is that when organizations, especially the police, don’t follow proper procedures, things can go wrong.” “It’s easy: follow the rules, use special Have a name, record, and hand over the necessary items to the next person in the chain of custody.”

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