U.S. envoy to Haiti resigns after Washington’s “inhumane” deportation of immigrants

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The US special envoy for Haiti resigned to protest what he called the “inhumane and counterproductive decision” of the Biden administration to expel thousands of Haitian immigrants.

The resignation of former U.S. ambassador Daniel Foote comes as the White House is grappling with the tide of Haitian immigrants gathering in the Texas border town of Del Rio.

Department of Homeland Security Said This weekend, after an estimated 14,000 people have gathered under a bridge in this town of 35,000 people, it will “speed up and increase capacity” to expel flights to Haiti.

Foote stated in his resignation letter on September 22 that Washington’s policy towards Haiti was “seriously flawed” and added that his own proposal was “ignored and rejected”.

Foote is a member of senior diplomats and has previously been sent to Afghanistan, Iraq and several Latin American countries.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price accused Foote of mischaracterizing his resignation and failed to “use ample opportunities to raise concerns about immigration during his tenure.”

Price said in a statement: “For him, it is completely wrong for his proposal to be ignored,” adding: “Not all ideas are good ideas.”

US President Joe Biden has been accused by conservatives of overseeing the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border. But the President of the United States has also been criticized by many Democrats, who called the expulsion policy “cruel and merciless.”

Haiti suffered Devastating earthquake Last month, after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, he is now in political turmoil. The country’s economy is flattening out, and this year’s inflation rate is expected to rise above 20%.

The Department of Homeland Security warned that irregular immigrants “posed a major threat to the health and welfare of border communities and the lives of immigrants themselves and should not be attempted,” adding that the U.S. border was closed.

Foote’s resignation came after criticism from more than 50 Democrats, who wrote to the Department of Homeland Security on Friday urging it to stop the deportation flight.

One of the people who signed the letter, Aianna Presley, said: “The Biden government cannot claim that it is doing everything it can to support the Haitian community while continuing to unfairly expel Haitians, because the island has experienced the worst so far. Serious political, public health and economic crises…”

Foote also criticized the United States for taking a broader approach to Haiti, saying that the United States is seeking to influence the future of the political leadership that he calls a “collapsed country.”

“Let us believe that we should choose the arrogance of the winner-again-impressive,” he wrote.

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