18 best HR podcasts to meet your needs

Lifelong learning is there, right?You already have your must-read list Human Resources Blog, But sometimes you want to stay up to date when you are away from the screen. We have carefully curated a list of the best HR podcasts to keep you informed and have fun from it, no matter where your day takes you.

We sorted out the best in the industry (and spent a lot of time putting on headphones) to bring you a variety of new voices, time-tested standards, out-of-the-box thinkers and established greats.

It’s everything to you Human Resources Toolbox. But don’t worry, every podcast on this list is a podcast that we personally recommend to our friends. Whether you are in the gym, lunch break or traffic jam, we believe you will find something worth listening to.

Human Resources Podcast from a New Perspective

No one wants to get into trouble. We started with some podcasts to bring new voices and new perspectives to the human resources world.

1. Tolerance movement

The voice behind the podcast: Sarah Morgan — HR expert, blogger and CEO of HR consulting boutique Buzz A Roony, LLC for more than 20 years.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: This new monthly podcast has only a few episodes, but we are already following it. If Sarah Morgan’s record as a human resources blog superstar can be any indication, then this podcast is definitely worth watching.

Sarah, the creator of the #BlackBlogsMatter challenge,’s mission is to “create a workplace where employees feel safe, cared for, and supported”. So far, she has solved post-pandemic mental health issues, interviewed talent management expert Janine Nicole Dennis on how to create a successful employee resource group, and convened a leadership roundtable to discuss workplace inclusiveness. stay tuned.

From this episode: In this case, start from the beginning Episode 1: Inclusive Movement

2. Human Resources Uprising

The voice behind the podcast: Lucinda Carney, occupational psychologist, former head of learning and development at Siemens and Pfizer.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: Are not all human resource experts just disguised organizational psychologists? Well, not exactly. (But maybe a little bit.) This podcast calls on leaders “hope to improve the organization’s perception of human resources by providing real, lasting value.” At its core is personnel operations.

From this episode: Dr. Georgi Toma’s Happiness Agreement

3. working life

The voice behind the podcast: Produced by TED and hosted by organizational psychologist Adam Grant.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: In true TED fashion, this podcast is very impactful. It has a group of experts and guests and workplace innovators, focusing on “science that makes work not so bad.” After its debut in 2018, it even topped the list of Apple Podcasts. check it out.

From this episode: Career decline is not inevitable

Enterprise Wisdom

When we say that HR podcasts in this category are full of corporate wisdom, there is no disrespect. We speak with love.

4. Pop music!People’s Action Podcast

The voice behind the podcast: The HR podcast is hosted by Didi D’Errico, Zenefits’ vice president of communications, and includes interviews between Didi and rotating guests (some are internal to Zenefits, some are not).

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: This podcast is hailed as “the only podcast for small businesses dedicated to sharing key moments,” and is ideal for HR professionals who strive to make her company see her value as a key participant.

Gain an in-depth understanding of how to go beyond the role of “onboarding and welfare lady” to become a leadership partner and help drive strategies on important topics, such as Company values And employee-centric business practices.

From this episode: Build better engagement (Part 1 of 4)

5. Hennessy Report

The voice behind the podcast: Produced by Keystone Partners in collaboration with NEHRA and hosted by Dave Hennessy, Senior Vice President of Keystone.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: With Keystone’s qualifications as an international career management and leadership development company, it is not surprising that the podcast has attracted many well-known guests. Add it to your feed and you will get a fascinating window into the inner workings of Fortune 500 companies. We are talking about human resources and human resources operation leaders such as GE, Moderna, and Kronos.

From this episode: Jason O. Harris of American Airlines

Independent Human Resources Podcast

Shout for the Indians! The podcasts in this section may be classified as independent, but they represent some of the best and brightest people in the human resources field. When you long for a sound from the trenches, reach out and look for one of them.

6. HR celebrities

The voice behind the podcast: Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn, and Jessica Lee are the three HR experts behind the FistFul of Talent blog.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: Simple and clear, these three hosts are very interesting. Too many HR podcasts sound more like recorded interviews, but the back and forth dialogue style of this podcast is just right. And they are very knowledgeable. It’s worth listening to.

From this episode: The group reviewed their work habits through the Microsoft MyAnalytics report

7. Human Resources Bartender

The voice behind the podcast: HR consultant, blogger and speaker Shalyn Lauby.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: We like Sharlyn’s podcasts for the same reasons we like her blog. She knows her stuff, but she is also super approachable and aims to create a casual atmosphere. She was named a top HR digital influencer, handling everything from HR technology to career persistence to recruitment success.

From this episode: Chris Mullen shares why employees don’t work for companies with outdated technology

8. Punk Rock HR

The voice behind the blog: Laurie Ruettimann, blogger, writer and human resources expert.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: Laurie’s goal is to “repair work.” This is the reason why she left the long-term career of the American company and the reason why she made this human resources podcast. A series of key topics, coupled with Laurie’s fascinating interview style, make it a must-listen show.

From this episode: In a recent Biteable blog post Telecommunications hacker We have selected the wisdom of Erica Dhawan, so you know we must recommend this podcast show: Master digital body language with Erica Dhawan.

9. Work studies

The voice behind the blog: Jessica Miller-Merell, founder of workology.com.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: Workology calls itself a “Podcast for Disruptive Workplaces.” Jessica is well versed in workplace trends. She freely shares these insights with knowledgeable guests, and promptly shares topics such as social justice in the workplace, the role of CHRO, and personnel analysis.

From this episode: Artificial Intelligence and Workplace Inclusion and OurAbility.com President and CEO John Robinson

10. Drive Speed ​​Human Resources

The voice behind the blog: Hosts Chrystal Miller Lay, Robin Schooling, Dwayne Lay and Mike Vandervort

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: This podcast is intended to be a bite-sized lunchtime listening (definitely a pun), dealing with various human resources topics in a fascinating style. If you are an HR team, please chat with these professionals during lunch time.

From this episode: Responding to business disruptions with Kari Davidson

Human Resources Technology and Innovation

It’s time to treat human resources as an innovative field that can promote development. If it sounds like you often yell at the abyss, listen to these podcasts.

11. Digital HR leader

The voice behind the podcast: Produced by myHRfuture and hosted by David Green of Insight 222.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: Digital HR leaders call themselves a must-read for professionals who “drive organizational transformation.”If you are the kind of leader who always wants to push boundaries in new ways Human Resources Tools, Digital hacking and future-oriented processes, this podcast is for you.

From this episode: How does AT&T link business transformation, culture, and performance management?

12. Inevitable: the future of work

The voice behind the podcast: Clarissa Peterson of HR Certification Institute and Jeff Lesher of SHIFT.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: As we said before (we will say it again)-human resources don’t always get the honor it deserves as a leader that drives the company forward. If you are known for your forward-looking style, check out this podcast.

From this episode: Love as a business strategy

13. Workplace innovator

The voice behind the podcast: Produced by iOFFICE, an expert in agile office space and employee experience planning.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: If facilities management and human resources have a child, it is this podcast. Ideal for those who are keen on designing more employee-centric workplaces or anyone who just wants to get a new perspective.

From this episode: Workplace health from the inside out

14. Hiring the future

The voice behind the podcast: Talent recruitment expert Matt Old.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: The podcast’s topics include employer branding, recruitment automation, workplace culture, etc., with a focus on “Innovation and Futurology in Recruitment.” Do we need to say more?

From this episode: Employer brand trends

The best of the rest

Last but not least, these HR podcasts provide something for everyone.

15. HR happy hour

The voice behind the podcast: Co-founder and CEO of H3 HR Advisors (respectively) Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: Known as the longest running HR podcast (more than 500 episodes, and still growing!) HR Happy Hour has figured this out before the rest of us.

Human resources veterans Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane focus on human resources, management, leadership and workforce technology. (Steve is also the program chair of the Human Resources Technology Conference.) If you want top guests and a wide range of topics, please load them into your playlist.

From this episode: Reshape the organization

16. #Work trends

The voice behind the podcast: Produced by TalentCulture and hosted by Meghan M. Biro.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: Of course, we like this podcast because of its knowledgeable HR professional host and top-notch guests. But most importantly, we like that each episode is combined with the Twitter chat of the guests of the week. If only we could attract our employees like this podcast attracts viewers!

From this episode: How to create employment value with better welfare

17. Honest human resources

The voice behind the podcast: Produced by the Human Resource Management Association, co-hosted by Gloria Sinclair Miller, Amber Clayton and Wendy Fong.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: This podcast is aimed at HR professionals, personnel managers, and team leaders who want to develop in their fields. Considering that it was made by SHRM, the focus on learning makes sense. Heavy topics have also fulfilled this promise.

But the real kicker? SHRM-certified listeners can earn recertification points by listening to selected podcasts in the series. Earn recertification credits while you are out walking your dog? Yes, please.

From this episode: Heather Myers on communication in the new work era

18. HR chat

The voice behind the podcast: Produced by HR Gazette, the host rotates.

Why every HR professional should pay attention to: Produced since 2016, this is currently one of the most popular and prolific HR podcasts. New episodes drop several times a week, and there are many themes to choose from.

Listen to interviews with thought leaders such as Simon Sinek and top professionals such as IBM, NASA and Shopify.

From this episode: Demonstrate the future of the talent pipeline with John Morgan of LHH

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Before you know it, your employee engagement statistics will be so high that podcast hosts everywhere will knock on your door and ask your secrets. (Shhh… we won’t talk about it!)

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